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Emergency water collectors and water tanks should be brought in empty and positioned to collect clean, fresh rainwater BEFORE the next rains happen. It may be months or years before this flooded region is dry again, and normal water treatment plants may be out of commission for just as long. Immediate temporary solutions can be quickly implemented as longer term solutions are put in place..

Berall dorthin, wo die Sonne schien, das Essen billig war und Drogen Erleuchtung boten. 1965 kam er nach Goa, gründete den berühmten Hippie Flohmarkt und blieb. Er wähnte sich im Paradies.. Every day from now until September 24, we will update the „scorecard“ on the meet with the mothers website based on how each official has responded to Cindy’s letter. On September 26, as part of lobby day, we will take the scores to congress and thank or spank members. We will publicize the scores nationwide, we will use these scores in upcoming congressional elections to continue pressurizing officials who are still unwilling to end this senseless war now..

We know that Bush lied about Iraq war. We know that he should be impeached. It is because of the work of everyone, and the support of those who are promoting impeachment, that this movement can become an irresistible force in the months ahead. You remember the prescription drug benefit. That’s the program the president pitched in his 2003 State of the Union address as costing $400 billion. The White House strong armed the bill through Congress in November 2003, again assuring everyone who would listen that its cost over 10 years would not exceed a CBO estimate of $400 billion.

Then there’s the Patriot Act, also created in the days immediately after Sept. 11, 2001. The Senate and House of Representatives voted Thursday to extend the law by a month. Please note that it is NOT enough to just oppose Alito on some particular statement or ruling. When Karl Rove climbed out from under his rock the other night to get a standing ovation (for getting away so far with outing a CIA agent?) from the Federalist society convention, he gloated about how they had already packed the courts with 200 of their ideological cronies. As they say in baseball, their bench is very deep, and it is not sufficient to bat away one, only to lay down for the next.

Eine klare und präzise Formulierung erleichtert den Community Mitgliedern die Beantwortung Ihres Beitrags. Bitte stellen Sie Ihre Fragen nur zu konkreten Problemen und Anliegen. Achten Sie hierbei bitte auch auf einen angemessenen Umgangston. Der Reisebegleiter weist mich auf einige bunte Flecken oben am Hang hin, was das wohl sei? Ich weiß es nicht. Wir gehen weiter, was bleibt uns auch übrig, bewundern einen alten Gutshof, da könnte man was draus machen, wir haben auch eine grobe Vorstellung was, nämlich ein Wohnhaus südlich der Alpen inmitten eines Weinbergs, das könnte uns gefallen. Weiter.

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