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catastrophe is now pharmaceuticals

Your email address has been kindly forwarded by Lembit Opik MP in his reply to a letter I wrote to him and other MPs/MEPs/AM’s. I live in Penally in Pembrokeshire and we are currently ‚fighting‘ an application by Airwave mmO2/NTL for the erection of a monopole mast to carry Tetra and other telecommunications systems. The issue is being dealt with by the written procedure.

27 Und Gott schuf den Menschen zu seinem Bilde, zum Bilde Gottes schuf er ihn; und schuf sie als Mann und Frau. 28 Und Gott segnete sie und sprach zu ihnen: Seid fruchtbar und mehret euch und füllet die Erde und machet sie euch untertan und herrschet über die Fische im Meer und über die Vögel unter dem Himmel und über das Vieh und über alles Getier, das auf Erden kriecht. 29 Und Gott sprach: Sehet da, ich habe euch gegeben alle Pflanzen, die Samen bringen, auf der ganzen Erde, und alle Bäume mit Früchten, die Samen bringen, zu eurer Speise.

Already, the usual forces of corporate restructuring are lining up. Halliburton’s Kellogg Brown Root subsidiary has begun work on a $500 million US Navy contract for emergency repairs at Gulf Coast naval and marine facilities damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Blackwell Security the folks that brought you Abu Ghraib are patrolling the streets of our city..

Denn der Mann mag zwar ein ganz gewöhnlicher sein, voller Schwächen und Makel, aber er hat doch Mut genug sich durchzusetzen. Er kann seine Liebe, die schnelle, die verrückte Märchenliebe verteidigen. Denn am Ende, da ist er ein Mann, ein ganzer Mann, und der kann mit seiner Frau fliehen, vor all ihren Problemen, namentlich: der eigenen Familie.

Gen. Alberto R. Gonzales. Not only is the Israeli standard 10 times tighter than that of ICNIRP, Ghelberg says, but Israel is also one of the few countries to require that every antenna be checked once a year. (Shalita points out that those checks are carried out by technicians paid by the cell phone companies. Ghelberg confirms this.).

In that focus lies a lurking fatalism which has its own dangers. It leads to an overestimation of the Machiavellian abilities of the somewhat inept Busheviks, treating them as if they were a comic book cohort of X men, superhuman in their ability to grab fate decisively by the throat, reorganize reality to suit their needs, and manipulate the American public. In fact, if you think about it a moment, the Bush administration has proven far less competent since it tossed the Iraqi dice than either its top officials or most of its opponents ever conceived possible.