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Wredes Foto machte im Netz Blitzkarriere: Erst postete es das Popkultur Portal Amy Pink, dann schrieb eine Volontärin der taz darüber, schließlich widmete der Rolling Stone“ in seiner internationalen Ausgabe den deutschen Nipstern“ eine mehrseitige Reportage. Darin bekennt sich ein Sprecher der Jugendorganisation der NPD begeistert zum Hipstertum. Spätestens seitdem ist das Phänomen viral.

UK reaction to the revelation was swift and strong, with demands that Prime Minister Blair remove British troops from Iraq until the US ceased from using such savage weaponry. Labor MP Alice Mahon demanded that Blair make „an emergency statement to the Commons to explain why this is happening. It begs the question: ‚Did we know about this hideous weapon’s use in Iraq?'“.

In an interview with The Times newspaper on 16 August, the UK Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas, has warned against the danger of ’sleepwalking into a surveillance society‘, as a result of ID cards and other plans. Mr Thomas said he was also uneasy about plans for a population register and a database of every child. He used General Franco’s Spain as an example of what can happen when a state knows too much about its citizens..

SiriusXM audio and data services each require a subscription sold separately, or as a package, by Sirius XM Radio Inc. If you decide to continue service after your trial, the subscription plan you choose will automatically renew thereafter and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then current rates. Fees and taxes apply.

That is the result of an investigation by a team of Austrian scientists. They measured alpha 1 (8 to 10 Hz), alpha 2 (10 to 12 Hz) and beta waves (13 to 20 Hz). A small density of GSM 900 and GSM 1800 radiation already caused several significant changes in these three frequency ranges.

Needs to step in and protect the interests of our youngsters by making it illegal for companies to qualify them as consumers. Please find attached a letter I wrote to the Commissioner of Public Sector Integrity, who, I have been told, has the responsibility for overseeing public civil servants. As I said in the letter, I have received no adequate response to my petition to the Auditor General.

Man ist ja schließlich Bürger, das hat ja eine Bedeutung, dieses Wort, das ist ja mehr als ein Eintrag im Einwohnermeldeamt, sollte man meinen. Als Bürger möchte man sich bitteschön in seiner Stadt aufhalten dürfen, in etwas, was man den öffentlichen Raum nennt. Das ist der Raum, der uns allen gehört.