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Möglich ist es nur rund um den Eisprung herum. Der findet in der Regel gut 14 Tage vor der nächsten Periode statt. Die Eizelle kann zwischen 12 und 24 Stunden nach dem Eisprung befruchtet werden. On october 4th, Mr Pierre Jo Bont president of region Auvergne in France, put an end to the contract the former president had signed with France Telecom in 2000. This contract allowed France Telecom to put six GSM antennas on the roof of a high school owned by this region: the lyc „Mme de Sta in Montlu There are 1100 pupils aged 14 to 19, among them 300 also sleep there, 100 meters away from two of the antennas. Elected representants of the teachers and a parents association (FCPE), along with our local association called CIART urged the Region to remove this base station since 2002.

Let us protect migratory corridors that allow buffalo to be buffalo and reclaim their native lands and restore the prairies. Let the wolves manage the wild buffalo. Let Montana celebrate the buffalo as a valued and respected native wildlife species.

3. TNO report: FEL 03 C148, 2003. Effects of Global Communication system radio frequency fields on Well Being and Cognitive Functions of human subjects with and without subjective complaints. There are certainly times when secrecy is necessary for the greater good of the nation and the world. Yet secrecy for reasons of „national security“ can often be misused to cover up major problems and scandals within government. Those involved in the deception simply claim that national security would be threatened if the information were to be released.

1. Call your Congressman office and express your concern regarding the threat of a new draft and urge him/her to respond to MAD Congressional Survey on Conscription. It easy to do, it important, and it will only take a few minutes of your time. So gut, dass ihr größtes Problem die eigene Familie ist. Die verlangt von ihnen, das Familienimperium zu sichern. Dafür gibt es nur einen Weg: Der Sohn oder die Tochter des Rivalen oder Geschäftspartners muss geheiratet werden.

But first I paste in below a couple of paragraphs from a most intriguing article in Safehaven, which was brought to my attention some days ago. Here is the full Safehaven article. I must emphasize that the deductions in what I have written following are in no way based on the Safehaven article, but I think you will agree that the next couple of paragraphs are very interesting in the context of what follows, and vice versa..