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after centuries of ‚controlling‘ land

Die Bundesregierung zeigte sich besorgt über die jüngsten Entwicklungen. Die Eröffnung der amerikanischen Botschaft in Jerusalem dürfe kein Anlass sein für Gewalt“, sagte eine Sprecherin des Auswärtigen Amts am Montag in Berlin. Zugleich sei auch Israel verpflichtet, das Prinzip der Verhältnismäßigkeit zu wahren“.

I did 100 percent of the work. And guess what? I don’t mind if you make more money than me. That doesn’t bother me, because you took the financial risk. The measurement findings created storm. Workers connected immediately between these findings and between the fact that in the last years several workers in the office got sick with malignant diseases. The office management ordered immediately to evacuate the joined rooms to the electricity room.

Even in the rare case when a „radical“ politician has a realistic chance of winning an election, all the tedious campaign efforts of thousands of people may go down the drain in one day because of some trivial scandal discovered in his personal life, or because he inadvertently says something intelligent. If he manages to avoid these pitfalls and it looks like he might win, he tends to evade controversial issues for fear of antagonizing swing voters. If he actually gets elected he is almost never in a position to implement the reforms he has promised, except perhaps after years of wheeling and dealing with his new colleagues; which gives him a good excuse to see his first priority as making whatever compromises are necessary to keep himself in office indefinitely.

Ziel sei es, am Ende des Tages möglichst wenig wieder mit nach Hause zu nehmen. Man wird eine Last los und wundert sich dennoch, wie viel Geld dabei am Ende des Tages rumkommt“, verrät Schlesinger. Tochter Lillie ist mit ihrem Spielzeug fast Spitzenverdienerin und hat am frühen Nachmittag schon mehr als 20 Euro eingenommen.

Public schools teach sex education. They ought to teach about the gory brutal details of abortion too starting in the seventh grade. Such education would, no doubt, result in preventions of some pregnancies and preventions of some abortions too. Names of high school students, aged 16 18; current college students; and Selective Service System registrants. Individuals who have taken the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test; Individuals who have responded to various paid/non paid advertising campaigns seeking enlistment information since July 1992; Current military personnel who are on Active Duty or in the Reserves. Individuals who are in the process of enlisting.