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After renewed interest in the dangers of mobile phones and masts, Andrew Stunnell MP has presented to Parliament his private members bill, the Telecommunication Masts Planning Control Bill. The Bill would bring in the so called principle giving planners more powers to refuse mast applications. It is due to have its second reading on the 18 th March (though may fail to be read as two other private members bills are scheduled for the same day).

Als Beispiel sei hier die Firma HEAD benannt, ein Sportartikelhersteller der seine Tennisschläger damit verstärkt. Es gibt sicherlich noch mehr Anwendungen z. B. When nerve conduction slows down, it adversely affects mental performance in every measurable skill category (memory, reading, computation, verbal fluency, verbal creativity, thinking, and reaction time). It also adversely affects physical performance. This article concentrates upon the cell phone and the way its radiation lowers brain speed, and it shows the reader how to use a simple technique for measuring changes in brain speed.

Doch was f Daten sind auf den RFID Chips gespeichert? Mit Hilfe der kleinen Funker lassen sich zum Beispiel T wie durch Zauberhand Autos ohne Schl starten oder Computer sichern. Kein technisches Ger bei dem es nicht denkbar ist, dass RFID Chips den Job erledigen, der bisher durch Passw Schl oder Handarbeit durchgef werden musste. Sogar die Speicherung von Ausweisdaten sind denkbar, genormt ist in diesem Zusammenhang allerdings noch nichts, au der RFID Technologie an sich..

And they do a: „Identity correction“ which they describe as:They have invented an advanced joke in „the Acceptable Risk Calculator“ which can tell corporations and governments if a project can get to be a „golden skeleton in the closet“ based on risici involved, how many they expect will be killed and in which area the project will be launced in.They use a a model the Bhopal catastrofe, but there are many similarities with the mobile communication industry bullies.And so does Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. They might tell us to turn off our Telly on the wall, not let it run on standby. (So that we can run Birmingham on the saved electricity for a year).

‚We have to show these [people] that we did not vote for them and that we will bring them down. This is the poll tax all over again. I am prepared to do time for this,‘ runs one entry on the No2ID campaign website. Biografie“ von Gunna Wendt, 256 S., 19,99 Euro, LangenMüllerKochbücher sind immer auch ein Abbild der Zeit, in der sie erschienen. Gerade angesagt: global inspirierte Rezepte (gern auch mal vegan), aufgemacht im wunderschönen Retro Stil. 129 EuroBuch: „Leon Backen Herzhaft Süß“ von Claire Ptak und Henry Dimbleby, 304 S., 29,95 Euro, Dumont.