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The budget bill is the greatest threat to the Arctic Refuge we will see this year. Drilling proponents know the issue is too controversial to use the normal legislative process to open the Refuge to oil drilling. Instead they hope to win the Refuge by attaching oil drilling legislation to the must pass Budget bill which needs just a simple majority to pass..

This annoyance is over soon but lengthy intense use of cellular communications result in more serious consequences. Some users suffer regularly from headaches, after a five minute telephone conversation the ache being intensified. People complain of fatiguability, irritability, discomfort feeling, giddiness, difficulty in concentrating attention.

„There is no peace without justice, no justice without law, and no law without government“ according to the formula of the United World Federalists of the late 1940’s. The decades since then have only affirmed the truth of this old activist slogan. A great day is coming when the world’s peace movement and social justice progressives will once again embrace this crucial syllogism; and that is the day when we will become empowered to end war and ecocide.

Deutsche Sicherheitsdienste haben angeblich den amerikanischen Geheimdienst CIA im Mai 2004 und m auch schon fr den Deutsch Libanesen Khaled el Masri informiert. Der „K Stadt Anzeiger“ berichtete unter Berufung auf Koalitionskreise, Vertreter der SPD h im Laufe interner Beratungen am Montag einger dass es eine Information gegeben habe. El Masri war nach eigenen Angaben Ende 2003 verschleppt und von der CIA f Monate in einem Gef in Afghanistan festgehalten und misshandelt worden.

The best way for a leader of today to stay in power is to form a world government, hoard resources, rule over a fiefdom of dying serfs while living in relative luxury, and blame as many convenient outside causes as is possible. In his article by Dr. Ron Paul, Congressman from Texas, we learn that our current American Presidency has more in common with the Third Reich than with the traditional conservative movement.

Die Volkswagen AG (VW) ist der größte Automobilhersteller in Europa. 2017 verteidigt der Autobauer nach Absatzzahlen seine Position als Weltmarktführer aus dem Vorjahr. Zum Konzern gehören zwölf Marken aus sieben europäischen Ländern: Volkswagen Pkw, Audi, SEAT, KODA, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge, Scania und MAN.