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11 panel faults lack of fbi progress

Schön und selbstbewusst. So nennen wir diese Rubrik. Was schön ist, entscheiden wir selbst, jede(r) für sich. Obwohl bei Hochfrequenz biologisch sch Effekte bereits bei 0,1 nW/cm2 (n=Nano=milliardstel Watt/ cm2) feststellbar) sind, sind diesbez unsere Grenzwerte beim E Netz mit 900 nWatt/cm2 und beim D Netz mit 470 000 nWatt/cm2 millionenfach zu hoch festgelegt. Die digitale Technik ist an sich ein echter technischer Fortschritt, solange die Signale Leitungen werden. Werden jedoch die digitalisierten und gepulsten Signale den gesendet, wird damit die ganze belebte Sch technisch getaktet! Deutsche Grenzwerte sind in Bezug auf die Volksgesundheit und den Lebensschutz millionenfach zu hoch, weil ausschliesslich thermische Effekte ber werden..

Schuhe und Taschen gibt es jetzt bis zu 70 Prozent günstiger. Das bedeutet für Frauen vor allem, dass jetzt die Zeit ist, um richtig zuzuschlagen. Doch bei der hohen Anzahl an unterschiedlichen Onlineshops weiß man oft gar nicht, wo angefangen werden soll, nach tollen Schnäppchen zu suchen.

So we all continue with ‚the worse possible outcome.‘ What remains with us and the administration as well is the ongoing, devolving catastrophe in Iraq where, in just the last three days, 8 more American soldiers have died during a month, not yet at an end, in which 79 American servicemen and countless Iraqis were killed. At the heart of the case that brought us into this war were a series of deliberate lies and forgeries. And I’m not just referring to Scooter Libby’s series of ridiculous, ad lib whoppers to the grand jury.

Depleted uranium (DU) used by the United States and its allies against Iraq has taken its toll on around 120,000 to 140,000 Iraqis, according to the latest estimates released by the Iraqi health ministry.With Iraq becoming an almost radioactive toxic wasteland, the number of birth defects and cancer infected Iraqis is on the rise day in and day out due to the lingering effects of the deadly nuclear substance, the London based Al Quds Press news agency reported Tuesday, July 27.Dr Abdul Kazimi, director of Baghdad only nuclear medicine hospital, said 7500 Iraqis are being infected with cancer ever year.The substance is also blamed for the so called Gulf War Syndrome, the still unexplained malady that has reportedly plagued hundreds of thousands of Gulf War veterans.Press reports say about 100,000 tons of DU munitions had been used in the Desert Storm military operation, the first time such a weapon was used in a warfare.On January 16, 1991, the US launched its allied Desert Storm military operation to liberate Kuwait.“It is a disaster in the broad sense of the word that has slipped out of control,“ he said.“Cases of cancer infected Iraqis started emerging following the 1991 Gulf War with most of the cases concentrating in the south and women taking the brunt.“The specialist added that infantry troops were identified as receiving the highest exposures to DU radiation.He further said that contaminated water, expired imported food stuff and devastated health infrastructure added insult to injury.Khalifa stressed that environmental pollution is causing 70 percent of cancer cases and food 30 percent.Farras Abd, an Iraqi citizen whose uncle is a DU victim, said prayers are his one and only option.Uranium, a weakly radioactive element, occurs naturally in soil and water everywhere on Earth, but mainly in trace quantities.A second, potentially more serious hazard is created when a DU round hits its target.As much as 70 percent of the projectile can burn up on impact, creating a firestorm of ceramic DU oxide particles.The residue of this firestorm is an extremely fine ceramic uranium dust that can spread by the wind, inhaled and absorbed into the human body and absorbed by plants and animals, becoming part of the food chain.Once lodged in the soil, the munitions can pollute the environment and create up to a hundredfold increase in uranium levels in ground water, according to the UNEP.DU is said to be radioactive for about 4 thousand years.Es wird eine Menschenkette gebildet und so eine breite betrieben.Presse, StadtvertreterInnen, B sind informiert.Auch wollen sie auf die ehemalige Polizei an der Schranne eine Antenne setzen. Besitzer ist da der Freistaat Bayern. Geld stinkt ja bekanntlich nicht verdirbt aber den Charakter..