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Let’s look at the situation we have right now. Our National Guard is overseas when we need them at home. Yes, they’re calling them back home now, but they should have been here in the first place. The story continues, although the mast got planning permission, t Mobile and their agents Marconi didn like where they got planning permission so decided to move the mast closer to the primary and nursery school. Council planning official Mr. Moonie visited the site and has reported to the planning committee that the mast should stay where it is, and not move it to where it actually has planning permission..

Geraldo Rivera on FOX news (of all places) was in tears one night begging to let the people at the convention center to just walk across the bridge out of New Orleans. Denise decided to stay with her mother, her niece and grandniece (who is 2 years old); she figured they’d be safe at the hospital. They went to Baptist, and had to wait hours to be assigned a room to sleep in; after they were finally assigned a room, two white nurses suddenly arrived after the cut off time (time to be assigned a room), and Denise and her family were booted out; their room was given up to the new nurses.

Since that day in June in 2003, the residents living in and around 32 42 33rd Street, organized now as the Astoria Neighborhood Coalition, have been fighting to have these antennae removed. In doing so, they have become lay experts on ionizing radiation (radiation that does not heat tissue) and have discovered that there are over 200 antennae located within a mile and half radius of their block, primarily on residential buildings. From there they have taken on the wireless phone industry and New York City zoning officials while prompting two legislators to introduce bills that would begin to more closely regulate the mounting of cell phone antennae in New York City neighborhoods and state wide.

There is much more to tell, but right now I am in the lab working on the print to take to the Cannes Film Festival next week (we have been chosen as one of the 18 films in competition). I will tell you this: Some people may be afraid of this movie because of what it will show. But theres nothing they can do about it now because its done, its awesome, and if I have anything to say about it, youll see it this summer because, after all, it is a free country..

Arr., Tel. 40 40 78 78, www. Jeanne A. Aber Brutus ist ein ehrenwerter MannNatürlich haben wir nichts zu verbergen. Schliesslich sind wir unbescholtene Bürger. Wir haben keine Schulden und wenn doch, dann nur, weil die Zinsen gerade so günstig sind, und wir ein klein wenig mit der Wohnung in München auf die grosse Geldentwertung spekulieren.