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Dennis and Wendy Malone, who live next to the mast, are up in arms. Mr Malone said: ‚It’s really slimy the way this has slid through. It is the way it has been done that caused the most upset. Nicole de Lara, Ms. Hoods communications director, said that Ms. Kaplans office had „unfortunately“ not alerted Ms.

The other thing I want him to tell me is what was the noble cause Casey died for? Was it freedom and democracy? Bullshit! He died for oil. He died to make your friends richer. He died to expand American imperialism in the Middle East. Dafür war Lea zu klein bei der Trennung, der Vater zu oft unterwegs. Sie sehen sich unregelmäßig, er ruft an, wenn er geschäftlich in Hamburg ist. Ist er nicht da, spricht Lea kaum von ihm.

Mintgrüner Anzug mit kragenlosem Blazer und schmal geschnittener Bügelfaltenhose: Tiger of Sweden, ca. 390 und 230 Euro. Lässig dazu ist das sportliche, grau melierte Tanktop mit Schriftzug: Noble Project, ca. A. In Bolivia if Evo Morales, or someone like him is elected, then you can expect a US invasion. Paraguay, bordered by Brazil and Argentina is one of the wildest places on earth.

US and UK go home! Iraq was taken under force of arms, free it with force of arms! Go insurgents teach them how to fight.Good Comment (Click to Rate)P. Feenan, from IrelandDon’t let your irrational fear of America cloud the facts. Vietnam is now a prosperous semi capitalists country which is at peace with America thanks to our efforts in the 60’s and 70’s.

(1) Yesterday 16 Senators demanded that Public Broadcasting Chairman Kenneth Tomlinson resign. Public television should not be run like the Politburo, and yet he has instigated biased witch hunts against the news department to try to purge any dissenting voices, conspired with hostile lobbyists against the public interest, and failed even to defend the agency from proposed funding cuts. Write your members of Congress with this one click form to demand the removal of Tomlinson, and to protect the of this, one of the last truly independent media sources.(2) Now that the Senate has rejected Bolton for yet a second time, and with the White House still perversely pushing for their loose cannon, there is a tremendous leadership opportunity for our side.

Laut VID sollten es nur 1,275 V sein, stattdessen stellte das Board 1,36 V ein. Zumindest zeigte dies der im BIOS integrierte Hardwaremonitor ebenso, wie CPU Z oder AIDA. Apropos BIOS, wo wir schon beim Thema sind: Vom bunten UEFI fehlt jede Spur, stattdessen präsentiert sich uns ein altbekanntes, wenig ansprechendes BIOS, das einzig einen Mauszeiger bekommen hat..