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The administration dismisses charges of distortion. In April, Dr John Marburger, the President’s chief science adviser, issued a report rebutting many of the accusations levelled by the UCS and others. (The UCS, in turn, issued an equally detailed rebuttal of his rebuttals.) „The accusations in the document are inaccurate, and certainly do not justify the sweeping conclusions of either the document or the accompanying statement,“ Marburger told Congress.

[As the situation in the north continues to deteriorate, it’s hard to believe that only sixteen months ago Mosul was being touted as one of the great success stories of the war. Army Humvees are asked to show identification. Saluting is done rarely, if at all it would differentiate soldiers of higher rank and make them targets for attack.

Pilot and dwarf sperm whales are both deep diving animals that feed off the ocean floor and slopes of the continental shelf. The other whale strandings linked to sonar use have also involved deep diving species, such as the beaked whale. Researchers have theorized that the loud sounds of sonar can damage the whales‘ sensitive hearing system and cause them to surface too quickly from fright.

Now that there will soon be public submissions on this technology it is important that this issue gets some publicity in Australia. Simply, this technology may transform your home wiring into an antenna, your bedside lamp, electric blanket, etc etc all will be radiating an RF signal. This signal is of sufficient strength to cause interference with ham radio operators and this problem has caused some BPL trial systems in the US to be shut down.

The latest news from Guantanamo Bay is beginning to sound like a modern day Simpsons‘ episode. Citizen would be permitted limited access to an attorney. As any Simpsons buff will tell you, it’s a classic Mr. Es ist bemerkenswert, dass die Beh eine marginale Rolle bei der Information spielen. Nur 4 % der geben an, von ihnen Informationen Elektrosmog zu erhalten. Es ist eher einzigartig, dass es einen derartig weit verbreiteten Widerspruch zwischen den Meinungen von und der anerkannten nationalen und internationalen Risikobewertung gibt.

Bereits jetzt beträgt das Volumen des Handels zwischen den USA und der EU drei Milliarden Dollar am Tag! Zu den Streitpunkten gehört unter anderem der Agrarbereich. Dort müssten die Regeln für den Umfang mit gentechnisch veränderten Futter oder Lebensmitteln vereinheitlicht werden. Die Vorschriften sollen einander angepasst werden von Airbags bis hin zur Verpackung von Medikamenten.