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If the other side can have a so called „Justice Sunday“, we can have our own „Filibuster Friday“, and that day is tomorrow. In just the last 24 hours we have seen a major shift in momentum. Today, Senator Leahy came out with a very strong statement that he recognizes the immense threat to our freedom and democracy in allowing a dangerous and unpopular president to install a fifth and controlling vote to hold that our Constitution actually intended to create an executive dictatorship.

Apparently, Scott Ritter is a very guy. Ritter did everything he could to refute the Bush administration contention that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and intended to use them against us or our allies We now know Saddam didn have the WMD, because they weren there when we invaded Iraq, and the infamous Street Memo has proven to be the smoking gun that reveals Bush knew Saddam didn have WMD and didn have a relationship with al Qaeda or any other terrorist group. Further, the Downing Street Memo reveals Bush and his people conspired to the facts and intelligence meaning Bush deliberately misled the American people before he ordered the attack on Iraq March 19, 2003..

The society of the information is necessary, but the benefits of the companies do not have to put in danger the health of the citizens. In the municipality of Santa Br in the island of Great Canary, a polideportivo exists that counts on a total of 6 antennas of mobile telephony where most of the users are young. It is in a zone in which in a section of 300 meters a total of 25 patients of cancer exists.

Der Kaufmann um die Ecke hilft unkompliziert bei Telefonen ohne Lautsprecher. Der Fahrradtandler ersetzt auch ohne dreiseitigen Antrag und ganz kostenlos und ohne irgendetwas einschicken zu müssen ein kaputtes Teil auf Garantie. Und wer statt Stromriese lieber die Stadtwerke aus der Steckdose bezieht, bekommt auch schnelle Hilfe.

War of aggression is the first offense listed in the Nuremberg Charter as a Crime against Peace. Prosecutor, Robert H. Jackson, promised posterity that in the future all nations, including our own, would be held accountable for such crimes. Meine Familie und ich hatten nie das flexible Einkommen für mehrere Paare, so dass meine Schuhe mich die ganze Saison über halten mussten. Schnell auf den heutigen Tag mich ein College Student im zweiten Jahr wurde gerade 20 und Laufen ist nicht das, was es einmal war. Knieverletzungen und der Kampf gegen meine eigene psychische Gesundheit plagten mich und meine junge Laufkarriere.