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a voters‘ bill of rights

Plans to site the mast on top of the former Walkley Ebeneezer Methodist Church on the corner of South Road and Greenhow Street have provoked concern among residents and strong objection from three local councillors. Previous planning applications to site a 6.5 metre high flagpole antenna on top of the two storey building, now used as student accommodation, were refused after residents raised a petition and collected hundreds of signatures.But a different applicant has now asked permission to use the site to mount smaller flat panel antennae on each face of the building’s south west chimney. The firm has requested an equipment cabinet be based in the cellar of the building with cabling and power feed to the antennae run through a mock drainpipe.The proposals have prompted 11 letters of objection, including comments from Liberal Democrat councillors Diane Leek, Veronica Hardstaff, and Jonathan Harston.Objectors highlight possible health implications from the mast and say it is inappropriate in a residential area, close to community groups and a medical centre; it will have a negative impact on local businesses and discourage people from moving to the area.They also believe it will devalue property and have a detrimental effect on the appearance and character of the listed building.And they fear because the mast is at the bottom of a hill the signal will be restricted and lead to similar applications for a taller mast in the future and say there is existing mobile phone coverage in the area.But at the west and north planning and highways board tomorrow planning officers will recommend planning permission is granted.“The first application proved having a mast there is not the right thing and it was refused on good grounds.

The Tongass National Forest in southeast Alaska is America’s Rainforest. It’s our largest national forest, one of the wildest and among the richest in wildlife with bears, wolves, salmon and bald eagles in abundance. In a policy remarkably like hiring someone to damage your dearest possessions, American taxpayers have lost as much as $35 million in a single year to subsidize logging on the Tongass..

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