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Toxic herbicides and pesticides contaminate water supplies. Including GE trees in these plantations will magnify these problems. Plus, GE trees grow faster, so they more rapidly deplete ground water and soils, accelerating desertification of the land..

Due to Sheehan recent actions, the Peace House has received gifts, such as a wireless Internet system, computers, and six vehicles donated by Air America radio talk show host Randi Rhodes to shuttle people to and from Camp Casey. The social justice organization also has boomed with financial aid, going from $3 in the bank to debts paid in less than a week time. Pretty much its only problems now are finding parking for guests in Crawford, preparing meals, and maintaining proper plumbing.

Walked and run and kicked off their ancestral landscape in sad humiliation and with utter disrespect. Helicopter, horses, ATVs, and trucks roared through here and created a sick void where once the gentle, shaggy giants and the little red babies played. Slightly to the north and east lay the empty spaces of Fir Ridge, Duck Creek, and Cougar Creek.

Perhaps the worst of the worst of the AFL CIO apologia for the US imperial occupation is found in its discussion of the destruction of Iraq and the efforts at recostruction. The entire blame for the destruction of Iraq is placed on the Saddam Hussein regime, despite the fact that all testimony and date demonstrate that living standards, employment and health were better prior to the US invasion than now. It would, of course, be beyond the capacity of the AFL CIO to note that it was the US enforced economic sanctions under their Democratic President Clinton that 500,000 Iraqi children died.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:Nach einer am Mittwoch ver Umfrage von TNS Emnid im Auftrag von „Reader’s Digest“ hat das Ansehen der Politiker im deutschen Volk ein Rekordtief erreicht. Nur noch 17 Prozent der B sollen Vertrauen in die politischen Parteien haben, vor zehn Jahren seien es noch 41 Prozent gewesen. Nach der Umfrage vermissen die Deutschen an ihren Politikern vor allem Glaubw Ehrlichkeit, Sparsamkeit, Prinzipientreue und Kompetenz.

However, we often face uncertainties in our scientific knowledge of the environmental risks to health. We recognise the fundamental value, in the context of environmental policy making, of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Devolpment of 1992, which says that there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost effective measures to prevent environmental degradation and of the European Commission 2000 Communication on the Precautionary Principle (COM(2000)1 final). We reaffirm the importance of the precautionary principle as a risk management tool, and we therefore recommend that it should be applied where the possibility of serious irreversible damage to health or the environment has been identified and where scientific evaluation, based on available data, proves inconclusive for assessing the existence of risk and its level but is deemed to be sufficient to warrant passing from inactivity to policy alternatives..