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Perhaps this is why science itself is now under systematic attack by corporate interests. Whatever the underlying reasons, it seems clear that industry has lined up to discredit science, control the research agenda, take over the apparatus for scholarly publication and otherwise undermine the scientific and democratic pursuit of knowledge in the public interest. Perhaps they see it as their only hope of defending themselves against the overwhelming scientific evidence that if accepted by the public would end ‚business as usual‘ and set us on a new precautionary path..

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There are important unresolved issues related to 9 11. Below is a link to a website that will play a recent documentary about 9 11. (You may need to hit your refresh button if it doesn’t come up the first time.) If you care about bringing to justice the people who were responsible for 9 11, if you care about honoring the living and the dead by getting to the truth of the matter, then the information in this documentary will be very important to you.