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Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:Kleenex sells 180 billion sheets of tissue paper each year and NOT ONE of them has any recycled content. They can make a tissue that stops the spread of the flu but they can’t make them out of something besides 10,000 year old forests? Kleenex even goes as far as to boast on their website that their tissues are made from 100% virgin fiber. Kleenex and parent corporation Kimberly Clark are felling ancient forests to flush them down the toilet.

My own experience of damage from computers, is that a year ago I opted for extra lessons, spending 4 hours per week at class as well as the time I spend at home. Since then my eyes have been increasingly sore, bloodshot and sight blurred and I have been diagnosed with Seborrheoic Dermatitis itching, dry, spotty facial skin which is getting worse. I think I sent you the document re: the damaging of mast cells in the skin from microwaves emanating from Computers? In case I did not, I will try to find it and attach it to this email, otherwise I will post it to you..

We anticipate that you will talk about the need for more debt relief in the poorest countries, and perhaps even publicly advocate that President Bush co operate with other wealthy countries to offer more relief. We believe that such calls would be greatly strengthened if you were to employ the logic you used in advocating for France, Russia, and Germany to cancel the debts they claim of Iraq namely that loans contracted by undemocratic regimes which worked to the detriment of the population should be annulled. Many of our organizations have used the same logic with regard to the equally odious debts contracted by the apartheid regime in South Africa, Mobutu in Zaire, Marcos in the Philippines, the military junta in Argentina, and many more.

RF energy photons are particularly suited for deep penetration into human tissue. Infrared, visible light, and ultraviolet radiation does not penetrate human tissue to any appreciable extent. However, the penetration capabilities of RF radiation puts it in the same category as x ray radiation, which is also a deep penetrating energy.

Es wäre schon viel gewonnen wenn alle, die sich an der öffentlichen Diskussion beteiligen, dies in dem Bewusstein täten, dass auch Betroffene mitlesen und zurzeit ihre liebe Mühe haben, mit den wieder hochkommenden Erinnerungen umzugehen. Womit ich keinesfalls dem Schweigen, Verschweigen und Totschweigen das Wort reden will, lediglich einer gewissen Sensibiltät. Was die katholische Kirche angeht: Deren sich immer deutlicher abzeichnender Niedergang wird die wohlverdiente Quittung sein für alles, was dort Menschen angetan wurde..