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In 2001 Gorton’s was sold to its current owner, Nissui USA, for US$175 million. Nissui USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nissui, Japan’s second largest marine products firm, with operations in the United States, Argentina, Chile, the Netherlands, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. Nissui is closely linked with the annual „scientific“ whale hunt in Japan..

25, 2001, were discussed and quoted in brief by the independent commission studying the Sept. 11 attacks and in news reports and books last year. They were obtained by the private National Security Archive, which published the full versions, with minor deletions at the request of the Central Intelligence Agency, on its Web site late Thursday..

Die Wayfarer Sonnenbrille von Ray Ban, 1952 entworfen, hatte ihr erstes Comeback in den achtziger Jahren. In diesem Herbst und Winter feiert sie, richtig, wieder ein Comeback. Man muss sie aber nicht wie die Blues Brothers in klassischem Schwarz tragen.

The gargantuan consumption of and dependence of the US on oil is partly the result of continuous heavy lobbying by the major oil companies of members of congress for decades, the purpose being to minimise the national public transport system, in order that consumption of oil, and thus profits for the oil companies, could be maximised. As a result, many communities in the US would cease to function without personal transportation and affordable gas. When it comes to securing oil supplies it is therefore prudent for the government to leave nothing to chance, and in this context the wisdom of constructing a comprehensive network of supply and logistics bases for forces close to the Middle East oilfields becomes abundantly clear..

Nuclear weaponry is no better or more „humane“ than knowingly using chemical or biological weapons. If this were the Vietnam era, we would be screaming to put a stop to the use of napalm, that jelly like substance as flammable as gasoline which burned off all the flesh of any survivors. Even that horror did not cause the children of survivors to be born terminal due to extreme alterations in their genetic code as DU weaponry is doing..

Mode Gesellschaft Design Service Beauty Männer Fitness Zu Tisch Unterwegs Schmuck Uhren Iconista Birkenstock Regional Chevron Down Chevron UpDokus im TV Made in Italy Brasilien Weinland Frankreich Mineralwasser Argentinien 500 Jahre Reformation Tee Welten Achava Festspiele Staatsoper Berlin Immobilienwirtschaft Energiewirtschaft Jerusalem Spezial Markt Chevron Down Chevron UpLVMH, globales Flaggschiff unter den weltweiten Luxusgüterkonzernen, bekommt die Wachstumsdelle der chinesischen Volkswirtschaft zu spüren. Fast alle im Reich der Mitte schnallen zurzeit den Gürtel enger, das Luxussegment leidet darunter am meisten. Die Analysten von JP Morgan glauben dennoch an LVMH.